Free Wood Chips!

All About Trees has a 100% recycle policy on our wood waste from tree removal and tree trimming. We are happy to give away our wood chips to people who can use them, if they have a convenient place to dump a truck full of them. Many of our chips are donated and used in the local tree nurseries.

Many tree services dump their wood and brush into a pile and burn it to dispose of it. At All About Trees, our logs and brush from tree pruning and tree removals are hauled to a site where they are ground into mulch or compost.

This practice costs more in transportation and disposal fees, but we feel the satisfaction of knowing that our wood waste will continue to be used in a practical and environmentally friendly way, and will eventually break down into biological matter.

We can provide free wood chips delivered to your home or place of business under certain conditions:

  • You must be within our service area.
  • We do not keep mulch onsite. It must be delivered at our convenience.
  • We must be doing a job near you.
  • Our vehicles must stay on hardscape.
  • We do not store mulch on-site.


mulchA load of mulch is approximately 10 cubic yards.
This is what 10 cubic yards of mulch looks like.




Contact us to find out if you’re eligible to receive FREE wood chips!


Please call the office of All About Trees at (417) 863-6214 or fill out a contact request form to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

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