Our Most Valuable Asset

We were recently asked what our most valuable asset is as a tree service company.┬áThis was meant to be a trick question. Our mind first went to our physical assets: trucks and equipment. But we knew that wasn’t the right answer. Our next thought was our reputation, that we have worked hard and fought for, for so many years. But that wasn’t the right answer, either.

The biggest asset in our tree service company, and many other successful companies, is our people. Our team. Our work family.

We are proud to have nine Certified Arborists in our company. Men and women who love trees and really care about making the best decisions for our customers’ trees. We are proud to spend many of our weekends together as a work family, going to tree climbing competitions, or just hanging out at the river.

When All About Trees is caring for your part of Springfield’s urban forest, we hope you will take the time to meet our most valuable asset.

To view a list of our certified arborists on staff, please visit https://allabouttrees.com/about-arborist-springfield-mo/certified-arborists-springfield-mo/

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All About Trees - Our Most Valuable Asset