Seasonal needle drop

Seasonal Needle Drop

We’ve noticed an increase in calls concerning yellowing needles in customer’s evergreens, especially White Pines. However, the “problem” is simply seasonal needle drop, a normal and natural process. Every year, evergreens experience a seasonal needle drop that is a normal part of the plant’s cycle. Older needles on the inside of evergreen trees are shed each fall after they turn yellow, brown or reddish tan in color. Sometimes this natural process is very subtle and goes unnoticed because only the innermost needles area affected.The change can be gradual, or, with some species, quite rapid. Seasonal needle drop can cause concern to homeowners who are not familiar with this natural occurrence. White pines show the most dramatic needle drop change! Their annual loss of needles can be especially alarming on mature white pines, as the number of yellow needles outnumbers the current season’s green growth. Typically, white pines will retain needles for three years, but in autumn, 2-or-3-year-old needles will change color and drop, leaving only the current season’s growth still attached.  

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