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Tree Planting – How To Care For Your New Tree

All About Trees Square LogoHOW TO CARE FOR YOUR NEW TREE:

  • Water the tree, slowly, and deeply. It’s best to let water trickle very slowly onto the tree roots, so it doesn’t create a puddle. Let a hose drip at the lowest setting for an hour, or use a 5-gallon bucket with small nail holes in the bottom. Make sure the soil is moist, but not saturated. Once a week is plenty in the winter, but you may have to water more in the summer or periods of drought.
  • Keep the tree pit or tree lawn tidy. Ongoing: remove weeds, grass, and debris from the base of the tree. Annually: Gently loosen the soil to allow more water and oxygen to penetrate through the top three inches of soil. This is where most of the tree’s root hairs are and how the tree absorbs water and nutrients.
  • Mulch your tree. Newly planted trees need to be mulched. If it washes or blows away, add mulch. Cover the tree planting area with a couple inches of mulch, as wide as the outer dripline, if possible. Remember not to pile mulch against the trunk; expose the trunk root flare. This prevents moisture and insects from accumulating around the bark.
  • Keep dogs and cats from relieving themselves in the tree pit, if possible. Dog and cat urine and feces are very alkaline and can harm roots.
  • DON’T feed your newly planted tree or fertilize during a drought. Forcing a water-stressed tree to grow will only cause further stress. Also, granular chemical fertilizer is a salt that could dehydrate the tree.
  • DON’T prune heavily except to remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches. Removing more than one third of healthy branches will substantially weaken the tree. Never “top” your tree!
  • Protect the tree. You may want to install tree pit guards, bollards, or other obstacles to keep your tree from being damaged by car doors, bicycles, dogs, etc. Trunk wounds can invite disease and weaken the tree.

Now that you know how to care for your new tree, you’ll be able to enjoy your tree for years to come! If you are having difficulty with your new tree, please give us a call at 417-863-6214 to set up an estimate. We would be more than happy to help you take proper care of your trees! We are a tree service, after all. To view a full list of our services, please visit https://allabouttrees.com/tree-services-tree-trimmers-springfield-mo/

For even more information on how to care for your new tree, please visit https://www.arborday.org/trees/tips/