Our Standard Practices

At All About Trees, we spend a lot of time and money to educate our crew on the appropriate methods for caring for your trees. Most trees can be pruned at any time during the year, when the tree trimming is done to ANSI and ISA standards. We do try to delay pruning on oak trees and American Elms until the dormant season in fall or winter, to lessen the likelihood of contracting vascular diseases such as Oak Wilt or Dutch Elm disease.

When we climb trees for pruning, we follow ANSI standards for safety and tree trimming. This means that you will NEVER see us use spikes on our feet when we climb your trees to prune them. Spikes cause unnecessary wounding on the stem of the tree, and can even transfer diseases from tree to tree. We climb using ropes and approved climbing systems that prevent the climber from ever being up in the tree unsecured.

All About Trees does not perform “tree topping”, which is the outdated practice of cutting back a tree to a fraction of its original size. Topping a mature tree causes the structure to be ruined, decay in the stems, stress from sudden starvation, and eventually can lead to failure or death of the tree. Topping cuts trade a solid branch for multiple weak sprouts that grow from the topping cut, and the rapid-growing sprouts are much more prone to breaking down in a storm situation.

To allow our tree service company to maintain these high tree care standards, we require that all of our work be paid for upon completion.