Pruning a tree is not the same as “cutting limbs”. Deciding which limbs to prune off is only half the battle. It is very important that each limb is pruned by tree trimmers at the appropriate place, with the appropriate tool, using the right technique, and at the proper time of year. An ISA Certified Arborist has been trained in pruning trees the right way, and All About Trees has Certified Arborists on the crews, actually doing the work.

Sometimes tree pruning can be performed from a bucket truck, when there is good access to the tree, and the canopy is wide open allowing the bucket operator to move the arm of the boom throughout the canopy. Often tree pruning must be done by tree climbers, when there is no bucket truck access, or when the tree is too dense to move the bucket around in the interior of the canopy. When pruning a tree by climbing, using the appropriate safety equipment is a must. All About Trees trains all crew members to climb safely using approved equipment and techniques. We never wear spikes or hooks on our boots when we are pruning a tree, only on removals. Spikes cause deep wounds in the stem of the tree, and can cause disease or decay problems.